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Our Observations

Kendra- I saw the caterpillar go in the water. He moved really fast and it looked like there were three caterpillars in it.

Cameron- I saw the caterpillar move his back legs up and up and up.

Christian- It was moving really fast in the water.

Peter- I got to see the caterpillar wiggle in the water.

Jonathan- I observed a caterpillar moving starting from his back legs.

Alex- Our caterpillar looks like a worm in water.

John- I observed a caterpillar squiggling and squirming around.

Johannah- I saw the caterpillar swimming in the water.

Blaze- The caterpillar floated in the water.

Stephanie- I saw the caterpillar walk in the water.

Noah- We put the caterpillar in the water and it moved all over the place. Then it got out.


The Rescue!

Caterpillar Swim!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monarchs in Space

Monarchs in Space

More first observations!