Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Observations

Kendra- I saw the caterpillar go in the water. He moved really fast and it looked like there were three caterpillars in it.

Cameron- I saw the caterpillar move his back legs up and up and up.

Christian- It was moving really fast in the water.

Peter- I got to see the caterpillar wiggle in the water.

Jonathan- I observed a caterpillar moving starting from his back legs.

Alex- Our caterpillar looks like a worm in water.

John- I observed a caterpillar squiggling and squirming around.

Johannah- I saw the caterpillar swimming in the water.

Blaze- The caterpillar floated in the water.

Stephanie- I saw the caterpillar walk in the water.

Noah- We put the caterpillar in the water and it moved all over the place. Then it got out.


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